I’m a portrait photographer that has a deep passion for portrait, lifestyle, athletic, and motorized imagery – probably in that order. More creatively, I’m a unique problem solver through imagery. Clients come to me with a story they want to tell, and on my own projects, I often have a narrative I’m trying to communicate. I see photography as a bit of a language, and I’m trying to get people to understand what I’m saying.

I’ve been doing more directing and video as it allows me to tell a more complete story, adding moving images and sound. Also, I just started a podcast called Social Studies Show (www.socialstudiesshow.com) that explores the relationship between advertising and activism. It has been enlightening crossing the country meeting with people at companies, various ad agencies, and hearing how they are going about marketing with accountability, multiculturalism, and environmentalism in mind.

I think being a minority, and raised as an army brat, gives me a unique perspective. As a kid, I quickly learned to view the world from a lot of different perspectives, not only to survive, but also thrive. Within that spectrum, a camera gives the ability to ask questions of personalities and observe culture instead of judging. Rather than just taking a picture of someone, I often try to put myself in that person’s shoes. How do they see themselves? How do they want to be portrayed? Am I seeing something about them that perhaps they don’t even see themselves? Bringing those aspects front and center is the beauty of photography.

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